Performance Improvement Analytics

Deploy Motive workflow tools to support appropriate, high-quality, efficient care.

Motive Workflow Tools

Motive understands clinical workflows are unique for each organization, requiring customer analytics and reporting. Our performance improvement analytics address the full spectrum of care delivery and integrate into any system, including:

Care Plans for Population Health Management

Care plans.

Successful population health management depends on the alignment of clinical strategy with risk strategy: care delivered at the right time, in the right place, by the right team, to the right patient. To support both providers and platforms in adopting this value-based care model, Motive has developed a catalogue of more than 250 care plans for population health management. These consumable, actionable care plans form a critical foundation for care coordination and management across multidisciplinary care teams.

Order sets.

Our structured collections of prewritten clinical orders for a given medical condition, symptom constellation, procedure, or other clinical situation support health care organizations in delivering evidence-based care in a consistent, high-quality, and cost-efficient manner. These order sets align prescriber ordering behavior with operational requirements and are designed for interoperability.

Order sets

Documentation templates.

Motive provides documentation templates for a full complement of use cases, including routine history and physicals, chronic condition evaluation and management visits, referral requests, and standardized assessments for risk identification and reporting requirements. Motive’s documentation templates use standard terminologies to encode findings in interoperable formats for ease of transmission across health care IT systems and platforms.


Motive smartforms enable customers to dynamically capture and leverage patient data not routinely available in a patient record. Once captured in the smartform, patient record data — such as patient and family medical history, symptoms and symptom severity, enrollment, or benefit design — are structured and available to trigger evidence-based actions.

Smart Forms
Workflow-embedded gap-in-care notifications.

Workflow-embedded gap-in-care notifications.

Motive provides rule-driven notifications that are designed to surface patient-specific, evidence-based recommendations within the care delivery workflow. Motive’s clinical decision support rules evaluate the available patient data to generate recommendations that are integrated with workflow tools, such as order sets and documentation templates.

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