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Welcome to Motive Practicing Wisely Solutions.

Providers, payers and patients all want higher-quality care, less waste and lower costs. However, better practices become lost within the millions of interactions, billions of data points and trillions of dollars. 

Motive provides tools fostering alignment within your organization to embrace best practices in medicine.

Motive payer and provider customers demand evidence-based information and transparent methodology.

For health care payer and provider organizations, Motive Practicing Wisely Solutions provides not only insights with impact, but actions that lower costs and improve outcomes. Why? Medical executives, quality leaders, and value-based care strategists trust Motive’s evidence-based information and transparent methodology. The path to better outcomes requires nothing less.

Payer organizations

Payer organizations

Motive Practicing Wisely Solutions helps health care payer organizations:

  • Reward high-performing physicians
  • Right-size prior authorization programs
  • Create high-performance networks
  • Manage referrals
  • Steer members to high-quality physicians
Provider organizations

Provider organizations

Motive Practicing Wisely Solutions helps health care providers:

  • See and understand their own performance
  • Align medical decisions with evidence
  • Standardize care around evidence-based best practices

Motive delivers performance measurement and improvement solutions.

As health care payer and provider organizations move to value-based purchasing, your need for clearer insights about the quality and cost of care is increasing. Better performance measurement is essential to better outcomes and lower cost. Data-driven analytics from Motive Practicing Wisely Solutions powerfully align providers and care delivery organizations with best practices in care delivery. We provide four major analytics solutions:

Take the guesswork out of finding and promoting best practices to drive success in your organization. Our appropriateness of care measures help every participant in health care practice wisely.

Energize a new culture of quality throughout your organization. Motive integrates the next generation of quality measures for practicing wisely. Benchmarking best practices has never been never simpler.

Eliminate wasteful, unnecessary, and low-quality patient care. Motive enables cost analysis for optimized spending and effective resource deployment.

Exempt and monitor physicians for prior authorization approvals based on patient-specific decision-making.

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