Quest Analytics® Announces Strategic Integration Partnership with Motive Practicing Wisely

OVERLAND PARK, KS, and SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 9, 2024 – Quest Analytics, LLC, the leader in provider network compliance and performance solutions, announced today a new integration partnership with Motive Practicing Wisely, the leading provider of evidence-based measures for the evaluation of physician performance, to provide Quest Analytics clients deeper physician-specific information available within a singular platform to build high-quality, high-performing provider networks.

Quest Enterprise Services™ (QES™) is Quest Analytics dynamic, data-driven SaaS platform for provider network management, design and performance. Clients benefit from the ability to access Quest Analytics’ proprietary data, as well as add third-party content, enabling them to make powerful, data-driven decisions.  


With Provider Claims Insights, a QES platform solution, clients leverage data on claims activity, top procedures and conditions treated, efficiency, effectiveness and payer mix, providing important metrics to evaluate provider activity, quality and cost. By integrating additional data insights, such as the Motive Practicing Wisely appropriateness measures into QES, organizations get a more holistic view of physician quality which in turn helps them build more efficient networks, emphasizing quality and care appropriateness. 


Motive Practicing Wisely’s appropriateness measures score physicians based on whether or not their clinical decisions align with the current clinical evidence and best practices. The measures, which provide data on 18 specialties, primary care and pediatrics, identify clinical decisions that have the potential for harm to patients, involve avoidable use of high-cost resources and represent significant variation in care among different physicians. Motive Practicing Wisely is widely used as a stand-alone product, however, through this integration with QES, health plans are able to streamline their tech stacks into a single platform and boost data insights and efficiency. 


“While the Motive Practicing Wisely insights are often used downstream to steer and manage member care,” said Steve Levin, CEO, Quest Analytics, “The integration of this data into QES, where plans are building and optimizing their networks, provides real opportunity for organizations to connect insights across their enterprise and contract with top-performing providers who best meet their members’ needs at the beginning stages of network development.” 


Together, Quest Analytics and Motive’s insights will help identify the most trusted providers who make the highest-value decisions, help increase care quality and optimize cost-saving measures. By reevaluating best practices on a rolling basis, payers can prioritize patient safety, care delivery and long-term cost-saving measures. 


“Quest Enterprise Services and Motive Practicing Wisely are a powerful pairing that will deliver highly impactful data insights for payers across the country,” said Jeanne Cohen, CEO, Motive Practicing Wisely. “The combination of the QES provider claims data alongside Motive appropriateness measures enables organizations to shape and manage networks that deliver high value care.” 




About Quest Analytics  

Quest Analytics’ software platform and services are trusted by more than 400 clients, including all eight of the nation’s largest health plans, regulators, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and multiple state regulatory agencies, and many of the nation’s leading health systems and provider groups to manage, measure and monitor health plan network performance. The company helps 90% of all healthcare networks deliver differentiated member experiences, thereby impacting 90% of Americans’ ability to access quality healthcare. For more information, please visit Quest Analytics.


About Motive Practicing Wisely

Motive Practicing Wisely is a leading provider of physician benchmarking that enables healthcare organizations to leverage measures of individual physicians based on their use of evidence to make clinical decisions over time. Motive’s Practicing Wisely Appropriateness of Care Measures are developed by physicians and deployed by health plans, health systems, physician-owned practices, and member platforms to build and improve provider networks, to gold-card high-performing providers, to steer members and to support value-based contracting.

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