Our Team

Expert. Experienced. Enterprising.

Expert, without the dogma. Experienced, without the rigidity. Enterprising, without the hype. Motive Practicing Wisely Solutions is dedicated to delivering substantial results in the real world of health care. The Motive team is invested in our customers’ success, and open and innovative in our approach to delivering medical intelligence solutions.

Jeanne Cohen

Chief Executive Officer

"We at Motive expect health care to become a power user of its own data in a knowledge system that creates new economic value through extraordinary patient care and patient experiences."

Jeanne sets the vision and leads the execution for Motive’s vision of using data to create new value in health care. She works with industry leaders to define new metrics for quality.

“We are dedicated to making the right thing to do the easy thing to do for both providers and patients.”

Rich leads Motive’s network of clinical experts and clinical informaticists, aligning evidence with solutions. He directs the definition and development of measures that matter

Rich Klasco, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Julie Scherer

Chief Data Scientist

“Wherever customers go, there we are — aligning our solutions with their objectives.

Julie leads Motive’s product strategy, and product development. She drives innovation in Motive’s data science–based analytics, designed to relentlessly drive value

“Sometimes, the expense never incurred is the best financial plan. Sometimes, the risk obviated is the best risk management."

Leslie leads Motive’s financial planning and risk management strategies, connecting these business imperatives to the value Motive delivers to its customers. She facilitates Motive’s mutually beneficial product and service delivery.

Leslie Kilgo

Chief Financial Officer

Nicholas Rains

Chief Solutions Officer

“At Motive, solving problems isn’t just a skill set. It isn’t just a passion. To us, it’s an obligation.”

Nicholas leads Motive’s partnerships and customer relationships around the design and delivery of our entire suite of solutions and related services. He identifies opportunities for enhancement and new value capture to ensure meaningful value

“We never define success on our terms. Our customers’ terms, however? That’s where we always begin.”

Paola leads Motive’s client-facing sales activities. She works directly with customers, helping them focus on what is meaningful and most important to their goals and objectives. 

Paola Dell’Osso

Executive Vice President of Business Development


Senior Vice President of Sales

“It’s all about finding win–win solutions that allow customers to focus on the pressing tasks that require their expertise, while Motive takes on the tasks where its expertise can make all the difference.”

Richard leads the execution of Motive’s sales strategy. He works directly with customers to understand their business objectives and to connect them to Motive solutions that can help them grow and increase their profitability.

“Making evidence actionable is an imperative for health care.”

Larie leads the specification of the clinical knowledge within Motive solutions. She works with the CMO and the subject matter expert network to align Motive solutions with real-world clinical processes and outcomes.

Larie Smoyer, MD

Vice President of Product Development

Raajiv Ravi, MD

Vice President of Clinical Informatics

"Interoperable knowledge is the true transformation in health care."

Raajiv leads Motive’s informatics strategy and knowledge engineering activities. He works with customer teams to ensure that the Motive knowledge products interoperate seamlessly and effectively with their products.

“Always begin with the end in mind. Then, no matter the obstacle, you still know where you're going."

BJ leads the design and development of clinical operational workflow solutions for population health management, care management, risk stratification and analytics, and patient engagement and activation. She works with customers to identify new financial models for their value-based care goals.

BJ Reese

Senior Director of Population Health Solutions

Khushali Caceres

Director of Knowledge Development

“We begin with evidence so that we can create the pathway to new evidence.”

Khushali leads evidence curation and evidence analysis systems and processes. She collaborates with the clinical and editorial teams to create the evidence foundation for measurement and continuous performance improvement.

“Finding the practice patterns inside health care data is our work.”

Charlie directs the design and development of Motive’s measurement solutions. He works with the data science teams to ensure the precision and impact of measures and measure scores in customer systems and solutions.

Charlie Wikman

Director of Analytic Products

Umesh Prasad

Vice President of Engineering

“A relentless focus on outcomes, not mere inputs, helps ensure the ultimate measures of success.”

Umesh leads software development, quality assurance, and engineering operations. He ensures that Motive’s technologies are innovative while meeting the highest performance, reliability, and security requirements.