Motive Practicing Wisely Solutions: analytics to transform health care.

Motive is the industry standard for quality measurement, providing analytics and insights to transform health care practice patterns.

Understand your practice patterns compared to your peers.

Deepen organizational compliance with quality measurement standards.

Identify opportunities for efficiency improvements.

Right-size your prior authorization goldcarding program with an evidence-based platform to exempt and monitor physicians.

Answering health care’s quality challenge.

True transformation is never easy. It is rarely quick or painless. But it is always possible — under the right circumstances, and with the proper tools. The time is right to remake the $3.5 trillion U.S. health care industry. America pays almost twice as much per capita as similarly developed nations, but for inferior overall results. The status quo simply isn’t sustainable.

Medical executives, quality leaders, and value-based care strategists are aligned now in their call for quality. The new quality movement requires results based on value — patient outcomes, rather than provider inputs — which demands reliable measurement and meaningful analysis.

That’s where Motive comes in.

For actionable insights, health leaders trust Motive Practicing Wisely Solutions. Motive’s cloud-based solutions provide the evidence-based medical intelligence required to substantively improve health outcomes. All of our measures are developed with fully transparent methodologies, with fidelity to the best and most current evidence, and then customized to our customers’ specific needs with our exacting criteria.