Quality Measures

Deepen your compliance with Motive’s quality measurement standards.

AHRQ, CMS, CPC+, DSRIP, HEDIS®, LTPAC, MIPS/MACRA, NCQA, NQF, PCMH — just a sample of the prolific organizations publishing quality measures critical for health care certification and licensure. Motive is exceptional at making compliance standard.

The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) is a registered trademark of NCQA.

Motive eliminates burdens

Eliminating the burdens of interpretation and application

Though quality measures are required by government and regulatory bodies, physicians, providers, and payers struggle to interpret and apply them. Their definitions vary wildly in specificity and usability. Motive eliminates the burden of understanding measure specifications and streamlines the tracking of updates and changes.

Motive complies with accreditation and certification standards

Complying with accreditation and certification standards

We tame, organize, standardize, and automate everything so our customers can comply with accreditation and certification standards, meeting their risk-based performance requirements. And, thanks to our maintenance model, Motive customers can trust that no measure is ever out of date and no definition is ever up in the air.

Motive tracks and manages updates

Tracking and managing updates

Motive ingests every specification, regardless of source publisher. Almost 2,500 in all. Our solution manages updates and tracks changes in real time.

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